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Dynamic bottlenecks are in most discrete manufacturing plants, and many leaders are unaware of the dynamic bottlenecks in their plants. Some leaders have never heard of the term “dynamic bottlenecks” because they are complex to solve and challenging to see in most discrete manufacturing processes. The only time dynamic bottlenecks are not in a discrete manufacturing plant is when the plant has all product lines balanced, such as automotive assembly lines, or the manufacturing plant has only one product on each process line. Therefore, most discrete manufacturing plants have dynamic bottlenecks, and management does not know what and where they are in their plant.

We developed the Managing Method for Dynamic Bottlenecks (MMDB) in manufacturing to increase throughput, capacity, and revenue. Let us use washing clothes as a simple example of a dynamic bottleneck. When you wash a regular load of white or colored clothes, the dryer has the longest operation time. Therefore, it is the bottleneck. However, soaking dirty work clothes in the washer is the longest-timed operation, and the bottleneck has moved to the washer, creating a dynamic bottleneck. Depending on what you wash and dry, the washer or dryer can be the bottleneck, as shown in the figure below. If you Google “dynamic bottlenecks in manufacturing,” you will find a few research papers on the subject that are so complex to read that you must have a master's degree in engineering to understand them.

MMDB is a simple, systematic method of identifying and determining the critical bottlenecks in a discrete manufacturing process. It provides a prioritization list to increase throughput, capacity, and revenue. The MMDB utilizes the Theory of Constraints and Lean Six Sigma methodologies.

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