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Operational problems that your team has yet to solve, such as product backlog, capacity issues, product launch delays, unresolved quality issues, and supply chain issues. That is what makes us UNIQUE! We can strengthen your organizational operations while resolving the critical problems that keep leaders up at night. Our root-cause problem-solving approach provides short-term and long-term solutions that eliminate or substantially reduce issues to negligible. In addition, we will identify and improve your low-hanging fruit issues.

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Caldwell & Associates LLC specializes in Global Excellence, Root Cause Problem Solving Consulting, and Certified Lean Six Sigma Training for Industry 4.0.  Caldwell & Associates is comprised of independent Certified Master Lean Six Sigma Black Belts and Lean Sensei practitioners, with 30-plus years of experience, including international experience. Our principal consultants are proficient in Lean Six Sigma. We are "Global Excellence Transformation Leaders" and "Operations Special Forces Problem Solvers" for our customers. We provide services with integrity, efficiency, effectiveness, and honesty.

Root Cause Problem Solving Consulting

One of our core competencies is providing virtual and on-site as-needed consulting to solve operational problems in factories, hospitals, offices, and govenment facilities.  The issues are usually worst-case scenario problems such as:

  1. Customer recall or complaints caused by the supplier
  2. Product backlog or capacity issues
  3. High numbers of quality rejects or rework products or services
  4. New product launch delays
  5. High employee turnover or lack of problem-solving employees
  6. Supplier quality containment

Caldwell & Associates has a Critical Operations Problem Solving (COPS) methodology that addresses a worst-case problem's root cause and determines a short-term and long-term solution.  We can collaborate with your team and assist in the project management to the complete the long-term permanent solution.  It's a win-win situation for  your company and customers.

Rely on our consultants for your supply chain critical business problems! If you're wondering, "Where can I find an effective and efficient consultant?" contact our consultants today.


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