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How many consulting firms ask for your worst-case problems?

We want them. That is what makes us UNIQUE! We can strengthen your organizational operations while resolving your worst-case problems. Our team brings practical experience with management, engineering, and Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt with 30 plus years of success. 

Lean Six Sigma Engineering Special Forces Consulting

Critical Business Problem Solving (CBPS)

If your company or supplier is experiencing a critical business problem or production crisis (such as severe quality issues, lack of capacity, new product launch delays, or product backlogs), C & A Consulting specializes in partnering, analyzing, and solving the crisis. We want your "worst-case problem" to solve. We have Lean Sensei and Master Black Belts that work alongside your team to resolve critical issues. Our Lean Six Sigma problem-solving process will help you quickly determine the root cause while developing both short-term and long-term permanent solutions. C & A can project manage the solutions to completion if necessary.

   Superior Case Study Results

Superior Case Study Results

Licensed Shingo Insititute Affiliate - Consulting

Shingo Model Operational Excellence Consulting

If you’re wondering, “Are there effective and efficient business consultants?” you’ve come to the right place. As a premier consulting firm, C & A Consulting will help you transform your entire organization into a Lean culture that works together. Our Shingo Model Operational Excellence consulting services allow you to achieve continuous improvement in your operations, customer satisfaction, and long-term sustainable growth. By partnering with your leadership, we determine the best strategy to focus on throughput improvements, operational effectiveness, quality improvements, and team building. The goal is a world-class supply chain to the customer value stream. By implementing our systematic approach of Operational Excellence, companies experience higher profit margins, increased productivity, superior product quality, and a positive working environment. Operational Excellence is the umbrella for Innovative Design, Lean Culture, Six Sigma Quality, and Customer Focus Services. All can help you achieve "World-Class Excellence!"

Systematic Operational Excellence Approach - Lean Transformation

C & A Consulting works with customer teams, using data to identify process inefficiencies and jointly implement solutions. We would be happy to provide a Lean Assessment of our client's supplier-to-customer value stream. Along with your leadership team, we'll develop a Lean transformation strategy as a road map for building team capabilities and implementing continuous improvements in the whole organization. Our holistic approach increases product quality, productivity, and on-time delivery, from suppliers through manufacturing and right on to the customer.


Shingo Model Leadership and Lean Culture

C & A Consulting will train and coach your leadership, the Shingo Model, to transition from traditional management skills to a direction that builds on trust, respect, collaboration, innovation, empowerment, and humility. We will partner with your leadership team to create the culture transformation strategy for achieving excellent results from your self-directed teams. The culture transformation strategy will be aligned to your guiding principles and organizational systems to drive the ideal behaviors for exceeding goals and objectives. Our team and your leadership will train, coach, and mentor the self-directed teams to develop an environment where each employee has a relentless quest to make things better.


Doctor Shingeo Shingo

Dr. Shigeo Shingo

Dr. Shingo, born in Saga City, Japan, was a Japanese industrial engineer who was considered as the world's leading expert on manufacturing practices and the Toyota Production System. Few individuals have contributed as much to the development of the ideas called TQM, JIT, and Lean as did Shigeo Shingo. Over the course of his life, Dr. Shingo wrote and published 17 books, eight of which were translated from Japanese into English. Many years before they became popular in the Western world, Dr. Shingo wrote about the ideas of ensuring quality at the source, flowing value to customers, working with zero inventories, rapidly setting up machines through the system of "single-minutes exchange of die"(SMED)*, and going to the actual workplace to grasp the true situation there ("going to gemba"). He worked extensively with Toyota executives, especially Mr. Taiichi Ohno, who helped him to apply his understanding of these concepts in the real world.

The Shingo Model booklet is free to download
and will teach you the basic concepts.

The Shingo Model


Future Lean Layout - Case Studies Link Below

Another part of the C & A Lean Transformation capability is Future Lean Layouts. With facility planning knowledge that spans two decades, C & A Consulting team helps you smooth out your plant wrinkles so that your product flows efficiently. Our tools and methodologies will ensure minimal inventory, optimal throughput flexibility, and disruption-free flow of material. We work with you and your facilities engineering, implementing Lean services that eliminate costly capital investment without sacrificing results. You'll benefit from processes that have been uniquely tailored to your organization, reducing waste and mistakes and fostering communication among teams. Contact us today to learn more about our lean consulting services.


Future Lean layout case studies

Complimentary Lean Rapid Plant Assessment (RPA) – The Lean Rapid Plant Assessment (RPA) process is designed to give the global community a fast, simple, and effective method to measure the lean performance of existing manufacturing and service industries against a standard set of expectations.

RPA has been used in over 440 times in more than 230 manufacturing and service industries from automotive suppliers, aerospace companies, medical devices plants, pharmaceutical facilities, book manufacturers, and microbreweries from 1998 to 2019.

Inputs to the assessment process are plant tour observations made during a typical plant visit and factory tour. Time to conduct the tour should be from 30 minutes to a few hours.

Outputs from the assessment process is an overall score, relative to a general manufacturing database.  First impression of a plant’s lean manufacturing capabilities.

The Lean RPA is based primarily upon the "Read a Plant Fast," article by R. Eugene Goodson and originally published in the Harvard Business Review (R0205H) May 2002 issue.

Lean Rapid Plant Assessment Sample

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“We covered significant ground in a relatively short period of time and did so despite our organization's lack of a holistic understanding of how transactions actually occur at LLS”

- Daryl Care, Chief Technical Officer at Lincoln Learning Solutions

“I have high expectations to begin with but I thought that RC was extremely good at getting the team to open up and interact with him.”

- Bob Clements, Chief Executive Officer at Lincoln Learning Solutions

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